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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Whenever i lost my motivation to study, i would just think about those competitions that i took part and somehow the motivation would just come back.

The Ngee Ann(or is it nanyang) poly competition was the most memorable of course :P. I was pretty scared before the start of the competition even though i was sure there were no secondary abv average wc3 players.I havent played wc3 standard for like 1-2 months and just went after 1 2 min game of making sure i remembered my build orders. I looked at this one guy and i thought that he would be rather good since he had those "gaming" face. I wanted to win real bad(prolly for the cca points :P) and the single elimination bo3 system just makes me more nervous. Out = bye forever! The first match was vs yio chu kang sec i think? Cant really remember the schs name now =S. We(its a 2 v 2 compy btw) won the first match quite easily within like 10 mins each game and i was -_-...HAHAHA VICTORY IS MINE!. We were the first to finish and i went around to spectate and look at the guy with the "gaming face(!). My face turned from -_- to -____________-. ROFL! HE WAS USING 1 HAND TO PLAY Wc3! I spectate the other players and found out none were really decent players. I was happy of course :P since i was damn bloody desperate for my cca points. I needed that 1st position!

One team caught my attention. No they werent strong, they were damn bloody cocky. When they were winning, they sent out "Leave pls ass!" " Dont waste our time!". Their game took like 15 mins each and i hoped that they would just win or lose 2;0 so that they wont waste my time and i can go home earlier! Surprisely they reached the finals ;S. I wanted to bad manner them back and i played very aggresive :P. I guess the finals were the most memorable. The rest of the sec ppl crowding and making comments :P. LOL ih ave to be thickskin now!

"Wow!! He press the key so fast!"
"Wah he micro so good"
"omG! NIce surround!"

I was surprise that they know all those technical terms --;. Of course when they say all those comments, u'll get a natural high feeling etc. The keyboard and mouse were on the same table level(my mouse and keyboard isnt at the same level at home thats y my action per minute(apm) is some low at home --;) and i was playing aggresive to end the game asap, I think i reach 180~200 apm there. Anyway the game ended within 7 and 8 minutes. Rofl! As soon as they left the game, i just stood up immediately and wanted to leave the room LOL. The game marshall went "Ehh lets shake hands!" I just shook for the sake of it and went to the prize presentation room. I think i badmannered him enough in a certain way :P i was talking to aaron(he called to ask abt my compy) on the phone too while i was playing with him. ^^ Best competition experience ever!

Ill continue with my WCG Exp if i have the time :P

Monday, August 28, 2006

Helping a friend level his account.

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6 win 0 lose. And thats because i havent met any orc players -.-.

Friday, August 25, 2006

All whining gaming related will come here.

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